A Pediatric Dental Fracture Might Require a Dental Crown

Children have a propensity for suffering accidental falls when running and playing. This can sometimes result in a significant blow to the mouth that carries enough force to fracture a primary tooth. Unfortunately, many primary teeth are small and have limited amounts of tooth enamel. Sometimes this means that there... Read more »

Helping Children 2 and Younger Brush

You might think that treating a child’s baby pearly whites isn’t that important because they’re going to fall out on their own eventually anyway. However, caring for baby teeth is imperative since without them, adult (also known as permanent) pearly whites will not come in straight, but instead crowded and... Read more »

Is Caring for an Infant’s Smile the Same as Caring for a Toddler’s Smile?

Oral hygiene is vital for a successful oral health, which is why keeping up on oral hygiene is strongly recommended. However, this might be a tough task for those who don’t know that oral hygiene requirements can change at different stages in life. In fact, infant smile care is different... Read more »

Before and After Bottle Rot Checkups

Monitoring the effects of baby bottle tooth decay is a great method to combat its effects, but often you’ll need professional help to deal with the disease. Use this advice to help your child prior to and following their baby bottle tooth decay appointment. To prep for your checkup with... Read more »

Why Your Child Might Need a Stainless Steel Crown in Their Smile

Did you know that Smile Big Children's Dentistry offers stainless steel crowns (and porcelain crowns) for our pediatric patients in Humble, Texas, who have lost a primary tooth before their permanent tooth is ready to come in? As we noted in our previous blog, primary teeth not only help your... Read more »

What Are Space Maintainers and How Do They Help Your Child?

If your child has a primary tooth or teeth that fall out early in their development, something needs to be put in place to make sure space remains open for the adult tooth to come in when it is ready. At Smile Big Children's Dentistry, we offer an oral appliance called... Read more »

Dental Sealants Can Protect Molars

Cavity prevention is so important to maintain healthy teeth. Some individuals have textured areas in their tooth enamel that can trap bacterial residue, promoting tooth decay. Areas that are common risks are the deep textures on the biting surfaces of your molars. Fortunately, these surfaces can be protected by having... Read more »

Pediatric Dentistry 101

Our dentist, Dr. Shannon De Vera, strives to help your child have the strong and healthy smile they deserve, which is why she offers pediatric dentistry in Humble, Texas. Pediatric dentistry is a branch of dentistry that focuses solely on helping infants, children, teens, and children with special needs have... Read more »

How to Combat Gingivitis

Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease, and gum disease is one of the most serious and dangerous dental issues in the world today. So, it’s important to prevent gingivitis as much as possible. To help you do so, Dr. Shannon De Vera and our dental team have some... Read more »

Fluoride and Its Effect on Your Dental Health

Have you ever thought about the benefits and rewards that additional fluoride supplementation can give you and its effect on protecting your tooth enamel? Even though fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral in large bodies of water around the world, we only truly get it via supplementation in products we... Read more »