While our team at Smile Big Pediatric Dentistry seeks to give each patient the dental care they need in our comfortable and familiar office, there may be some cases when our team will recommend hospital dentistry. This type of dentistry is often best for those who have pre-existing conditions or require complex care. For more information about when our pediatric dentist may recommend hospital dentistry in Humble, Texas, please call us today at 713-697-6453.

Our pediatric dentist may recommend hospital dentistry when a patient’s oral health needs require the use of general anesthesia to receive treatment without complication. We work closely with hospital staff and specialists to ensure patients are fully comfortable and every precaution is taken.

There are several benefits to hospital dentistry, including:

  • All needed treatments can be provided in just one visit
  • A controlled setting in which to provide safe and effective treatments
  • A completely comfortable treatment, as the patient is asleep throughout the entire procedure

Children who have extreme difficulty receiving care in the dental office and individuals with special needs are excellent candidates for hospital dentistry. We may also recommend hospital dentistry for individuals with pre-existing medical conditions that make a hospital the best facility in which to receive treatment. Recommendations for treatments and hospital dentistry are based on our findings during exams and on our patient’s experiences and behavior while in our office. Hospital dentistry is recommended only when necessary, and parents will be provided with all possible options first.

If you have any questions or concerns about hospital dentistry, please contact our office. We want each of our patients and their parents to be fully informed and prepared before proceeding with any treatment. Please give us a call today to schedule a consultation and learn more about hospital dentistry. We are here to help you!