Helping Your Child Feel at Ease at the Dentist Office

Bringing your child in for their first dental visit early in their life is so they get used to being in a dental office and won’t get nervous. Once your child is older than two, depending on their temperament and personality, they might experience anxiety at the different sights and... Read more »

Tricks on How to Help Your Child Lose Their Baby Teeth

The process of losing baby teeth can be scary and overwhelming for children. This can make the entire process very troublesome and difficult. Fortunately, there are things you can do to make the process of losing baby teeth a little more fun. Our dentist, Dr. Shannon De Vera, is happy... Read more »

How a Dental Crown Can Help Your Child’s Tooth

At Smile Big Pediatric Dentistry, we are pleased to offer pediatric dental crowns as a custom-made dental restoration that helps to protect a damaged tooth whose appearance, strength, size or shape has been weakened by a cavity or dental injury. Dental crowns are are commonly called caps because they cover... Read more »

Test Your Knowledge on Children’s Dental Health Here

The more you know about children’s dental health, the better, especially when you have a child. This is because it can help you properly and effectively clean and care for your child’s teeth, gums and smile. If you don’t know much about children’s dental health, it can lead to dental... Read more »

The Right Toothbrush for Your Child

As you search for the best toothbrush for your child at the store, you might feel a bit overwhelmed and confused, especially if you’re not sure what to look for. Well, our dentist, Dr. Shannon De Vera, is happy to help you because it’s very important to select the right... Read more »

Oral Hygiene Tips to Care for Your Baby’s Smile

If you’re at a loss when it comes to cleaning and caring for your baby’s smile, then our dentist, Dr. Shannon De Vera, is happy to help you. The more you know, the better. This is because oral hygiene is vital if you want your baby to have the top-notch... Read more »

Instructing Your Kids on How to Brush

How can you teach your children to brush their teeth? Well, we have some ideas that might help you. We cannot guarantee they will work in every case, because each child learns in different ways, but you can try them out if you like. First, it helps to understand how... Read more »

Early Childhood Caries Prevention

Let’s look at a common childhood concern--Early Childhood Caries-- and address some basics about it, as well as what to do to prevent it. You can keep your child from developing Early Childhood Caries, also called Baby Bottle Tooth Decay. Start an oral hygiene habit for your child a few... Read more »

Dental Tips Vital to Oral Health on Dental Sealants

Keeping your smile safe often consists of adding additional tooth restorations and repairs to your smile. However, rather than waiting for your teeth to be repaired due to an oral accident or injury, it is a good idea to have a preventative treatment in place to ensure dental damage does... Read more »

What are Baby Teeth?

Baby teeth, unlike what you might think, are very central to the overall health of an individual, both when they are a child and as they grow into an adult. What are you aware of about baby teeth? Learn a tiny bit more by reading this post we’ve assembled, and... Read more »