Wisdom Teeth Concerns and Problems

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Without a doubt, the teeth that consistently cause people the most trouble are the wisdom teeth. Since we no longer need them to grind our food quite as thoroughly, we no longer have as much space in our mouths for them. If left alone, they can often have or cause issues in how they come in or how other teeth come in.

Since everybody’s mouths are different, their wisdom teeth will grow in in different, sometimes surprising, ways. They might grow in pressing up against the roots of one of the neighboring teeth, which can be very bad. Sometimes they only partially erupt, which can form a pocket where food gets trapped and decay can flourish.

Dr. David Umansky can help you determine if you need your wisdom teeth extracted and will perform the surgery to remove them. Your x-rays will help them determine how to best extract your wisdom teeth. Our dentist will anesthetize around the tooth and extract it. If it’s impacted or hard to get out they may make it easier to remove by cutting the tooth into pieces.

If you or your teens need your wisdom teeth removed in Humble, Texas, be sure to call Smile Big Pediatric Dentistry at 713-697-6453. We will be happy to help you.