Why Your Child Might Need a Stainless Steel Crown in Their Smile

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Did you know that Smile Big Children’s Dentistry offers stainless steel crowns (and porcelain crowns) for our pediatric patients in Humble, Texas, who have lost a primary tooth before their permanent tooth is ready to come in? As we noted in our previous blog, primary teeth not only help your child speak and chew, but they also help keep a space open for the adult teeth to eventually erupt.

When it comes to permanent molars, they are the last to erupt. Primary molars often don’t fall out until your child is around 12-13. Making sure these teeth are in place until the adult teeth are ready can save your child from orthodontic treatment down the road.

If your child’s primary tooth is too decayed to support a dental filling, a dental crown may effectively restore their tooth. Once the decay is cleaned out via pulpal therapy, or root canal, they are ready for a stainless steel crown.

Stainless steel crowns offer your child the following benefits:

• They are strong yet affordable.
• They fully protect the damaged tooth.
• They are helpful for children under four instead of metal fillings.
• They don’t cause tooth sensitivity.
• They can be used with a space maintainer.

If your child has a damaged tooth that may benefit from a stainless or porcelain dental crown, we invite you to schedule a consultation with our pediatric dentist, Dr. Erin Sinada. Please call 713-697-6453 to speak to a member of our caring staff, and let us help your child maintain their healthy smile!