How a Dental Crown Can Help Your Child’s Tooth

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At Smile Big Pediatric Dentistry, we are pleased to offer pediatric dental crowns as a custom-made dental restoration that helps to protect a damaged tooth whose appearance, strength, size or shape has been weakened by a cavity or dental injury. Dental crowns are are commonly called caps because they cover the whole tooth and help your child maintain a strong and healthy smile.

Most often, dental crowns are reserved for permanent teeth that need to be treated for dental problems such as tooth decay. However, our pediatric dentist can provide a pediatric dental crown if your child has a primary tooth that needs extra help to stay in good shape. If a primary tooth develops a large cavity, it could become too weak to support a dental filling without the help of a dental crown provided by our pediatric dentist. Your child can lower their risk of tooth decay by receiving one or more dental crowns on vulnerable teeth.

You can easily learn more about the benefits of a dental crown from our pediatric dentist, who may recommend this dental restoration if your child struggles to effectively clean their smile and maintain daily oral hygiene habits. Dental crowns can also allow us to forego the use of dental anesthesia during dental visits if your child struggles to make it through their dental checkups and follow-up visits. The dental crowns providing by our practice are typically made of a stainless steel that protects the tooth from harmful substances and increases its strength.

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