Fractured Tooth? Get it Fixed Today!

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Chewing on hard or foreign objects may cause a tooth fracture. Other possible causes include getting hit in the mouth playing sports, an invasion of plaque or bacteria building, or grinding your teeth during the night or even the day. Come into Dr. David Umansky’s dental clinic to be treated by our team here in Humble, Texas, especially if you are experiencing difficulty eating or speaking due to pain or discomfort.

An untreated dental fracture can lead to further damage and pain with susceptibility to buildup, decay, infections, or bacteria. Your fracture will need to be either treated by a dental filling, crown, or possibly a root canal. If the fracture isn’t too deep, then a simple dental filling can solve the problem. If it’s deeper, a dental crown may be required. A root canal is used if the pulp or root has suffered damaged. A dental crown will then be placed on top.

Teeth grinding during the night is one of the most common causes of tooth fractures. The best solution to stop tooth grinding from occurring during the night is to be fitted for a night guard. If you further damage occurs to a fracture, tooth replacement may be the best option to ease your discomfort and pain.

Come into our dental clinic today here in Humble, Texas, to receive the care you and your teeth deserve. Call Smile Big Pediatric Dentistry at 713-697-6453 for a consultation or schedule an appointment. Let our team assist you with your best smile!