Fluoride and Its Effect on Your Dental Health

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Have you ever thought about the benefits and rewards that additional fluoride supplementation can give you and its effect on protecting your tooth enamel? Even though fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral in large bodies of water around the world, we only truly get it via supplementation in products we use to keep our teeth clean.

Fluoride can be found in a variety of products. It has been included to the public water supply, many brands of toothpaste, various forms of dental mouth cleansers and mouthwash products, as well as in supplement form. You can also visit your dentist for a professional fluoride cleaning to help keep your teeth strong and clean.

If you want to take fluoride in supplement form, be careful not to take too much, as elevated levels of fluoride can be toxic. Furthermore, never give fluoride to children unless instructed to or administered by your dentist. If you do wish to take a fluoride supplement for yourself, it can be purchased as a pill, drop, lozenge, or as tablets.

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