Brush Your Teeth Daily

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If you brush your teeth each day, then you are doing a great job! Unfortunately, there are many people who don’t understand the importance of brushing their teeth, so they are putting their smile at risk each day. Here at Smile Big Pediatric Dentistry in Humble, Texas, our team is happy to have a chance to talk to you about the importance of brushing your teeth each day.

Brushing your teeth is necessary for your oral health and should be done at least twice a day, for two minutes a day. This will keep stray food particles from wedging in your teeth, so cavities can be avoided as much as possible. Flossing can clean between your teeth and deep along the gum line to also protect the hard to reach places your brush cannot reach.

It is significant to remember your toothbrush should be changed every four to six months. Bacteria cannot always be seen living in your toothbrush, making it harder to keep your teeth clean. Also, by replacing your toothbrush when the bristles become too worn, you are helping your oral health stay in top-notch condition. Worn bristles will not clean your teeth nearly as well as fresh bristles on your toothbrush can.

If you seem to forget to brush regularly, you could be putting your smile at risk to gum disease. If gum disease threatens in your smile, you could experience things like persistent bad breath, tooth loss, red and bleeding gums, and even bone loss can happen in your jaw. That is why brushing is a big deal in your oral hygiene routine and in your everyday life.  If you have questions about your teeth and gums or feel it’s time for a check-up, please call our office today at 713-697-6453 to set up an appointment with Dr. David Umansky. Our gentle and caring staff is always ready to assist your oral health in any way we can.