A Pediatric Dental Fracture Might Require a Dental Crown

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Children have a propensity for suffering accidental falls when running and playing. This can sometimes result in a significant blow to the mouth that carries enough force to fracture a primary tooth.

Unfortunately, many primary teeth are small and have limited amounts of tooth enamel. Sometimes this means that there isn’t enough remaining to treat a dental fracture with a dental filling.

In a case like the pediatric dentists at Smile Big Pediatric Dentistry might recommend installing a dental crown.

This mode of treatment calls for Dr. David Umansky and their team to removing the remaining tooth enamel to create an abutment. Then an impression will be created.

It will be sent to a dental lab where the dental crown will be created. The specific material used by the dental technicians will vary depending on the tooth’s location in their mouth. Most dental crowns are made from either gold, base metals, or a dental porcelain material.

Your child will need to return for a second appointment when their dental crown is ready. Once it has been cemented onto the abutment the capped tooth will restore the tooth’s basic function until it’s permanent tooth counterpart is ready to emerge.

If you live in the Humble, Texas, area and your child has chipped or fractured a tooth, you should call 713-697-6453 to have it examined and treated by the pediatric dentists at Smile Big Pediatric Dentistry.